Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Have Kindle Ignition!

Damien: It's been a shockingly long time since we posted anything here. Life gets in the way, even of the search for extended life, not to mention fiction about that search.

That certainly doesn't mean the topic's exhausted. There's been a deluge of fresh information on topics related to humanity's eventual transition to the postmortal condition, We hope to get some links to these discoveries posted soon.

But meanwhile, Wildside/Borgo books (publishers of POST MORTAL SYNDROME) have at last made the novel available as a Kindle ebook. We've been waiting eagerly for this during the last few months, because it's just so much easier to download a novel to your Kindle--and much less expensive! The large and rather handsome trade paperback edition is, admittedly, fairly priced (by Amazon) at just under $20. But the ebook is just $3.19. I see a very positive review there as well, with 5 stars, which is always encouraging. :)

Oh, and here's the handy direct link.

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  1. I like Barbara's comment about being married to a brilliant writer who prefers city life. {8^] I woulda never guessed! {8^D spike